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The demo that has made FTA the famous beyond their Dijon & Aix-Les-Bains hideouts !

It has evolved from a simple parametric-based animation (thanks to Arkanoid for the sprites!) to a full 3D-powered demo with modern graphics and fancy musics. Even though there was a bug in the 3D calculation (the shapes should never have collapsed onto themselves), people loved the demo.

In less than 2 weeks, the first version spread quickly from Dijon to Cupertino, where the Green Software Engineering team reviewed it. Unfortunately, due to a glitch in a low level drive command, it was incompatible with the upcoming ROM03 Motherboard which Apple was about to release. Through their Switzerland office, Apple sent us a prototype of the ROM03 motherboard to make it work in time for the upcoming AppleFest in San Francisco, where then VP Jean-Louis Gassée used it during his talk.

The rest is history ;)

Eventually, Nucleus was later customized to serve as an advertisment for the SPIT company (unfortunately, no copy could be retrieved)