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This site is dedicated to the good old time of the Apple 2GS computer, back in the late 80s, where personal computers were at their climax!

Computers hobbyists had the choice, back then, between the Atari ST and the Amiga, but some of us have chosen to stay loyal to Apple by investing on the-not-so-cheap brand new Apple 2GS. The FTA members where among them, and we try to make both the computer and the community as cheerful as possible...

GS users will be able to find some old stuff I'm sure they will be pleased to remember, and we hope that new users will have fun discovering this wonderful computer...

You'll find on this site an almost exhaustive list of all the FTA productions, with some descriptions, snapshots and disk images to let you play with them with the ActiveGS emulator (see the ActiveGS section!)

We hope you will enjoy browsing that site as much as we've enjoyed creating it,
Now let's go back to the late eighty's:-)

May 18th 2013 : Karateka Classic is powered by ActiveGS

January 13th 2011 : Added link to the FTA Wormz Party

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