Even if each of us have found their own way, we still get in touch, and try to meet when occasions rise :-)
Olivier Goguel, Denis Barritault and Olivier Bailly-Maitre, September 2000
Deny's Wedding (2000)
Look! The Taj Mahal ;-)
India vacation (2002)

Olivier Bailly-Maitre (aka SPK) has joined Kalisto (formerly Mindscape Bordeaux, formerly Atreid Concept, a french video game company) as its first employee and has worked there for more than 10 years later. He works at Axyz Images, as Post-Production dude on architectural projects.

Olivier Goguel has also been part of the Kalisto adventure where, at first, its 65C816 knowledge had proven to be very helpful for developing on the Super Nintendo. He had been acting as Chief Technical Officer for 8 years, until the end of the company. He now works as consultant for the Game Industry (cf. www.solidgame.com ).

Pierre Raynaud-Richard (aka EL MATHOS) moved to the US after graduated, where he started working at Be Inc. (the maker of BeOS) as graphic driver engineer in 1995. He had been VP of engineering for 2 years when Be's was finally acquired in 2001, and is now VP of Engineering R&D in the PalmOS subsidiary of Palm Inc.

Denis Barritault has left the software industry to focus on e-payment solutions. He works at Verifone, as Marketing manager.

Dominique Delay (aka MR.Z) must be named Dr Delay : he is a surgeon officiating in Geneva.

Unfortunately, Daniel Bär (aka PAD) has died in a car accident in 1995.