Welcome to the Second Sight Software's ActiveGS Home Page!

This is the home of the ActiveGS browser Plugins & the ActiveGS Stand-alone Applications.

ActiveGS is a front-end for Kegs, available for :

ActiveGS Logo

To use it, just visit a web page that includes it (like the ones on that site!) or install the stand alone applications for your system. For additional support, check http://activegs.freetoolsassociation.com for release notes and installation tips

This plugin is spyware free, and for extra protection, the various applications have been digitally signed by "Second Sight Software" to certify their origin.

Do not hesitate to use those ActiveGS plugin into your own web site : their usages are described in the following pages. Just send your e-mail and website address to be notified of any major update.

If you need more information, send an e-mail to webmaster@freetoolsassociation.com